Saturday, February 24, 2018
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For the local cops’ information, let me tell them that Jahanara exposed them all. She  said that Shanti Devi was threatening her every day to submit to the demands of the flesh trade. She said: ‘Shanti Devi told me that the police will not touch her because she regularly pays Dewan Saeb of Badshahi Mandi Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000. She didn’t specify whether this payment was made every month or every week. But  Shanti Devi told Jahanara that the SO would not dare to touch her.

Everyone knows this. But why the present case becomes intriguing and interesting is that the key woman involved in this case did not have to jump from an upper storey. She didn’t have to then communicate with her paramour. This means she was staying there willingly. Why? Was she also staying there for safety and was mingling with other girls so that she may not arouse attention but was not submitting to anyone except her own lover? That man, whose name has been revealed, is said to be a shady character. If so, how is it that he has not been nabbed so far when in the past orders were issued by a senior police official that bad characters should not be allowed to operate with impunity? As I said, this case was wrapped in mystery because of the clout that the girl enjoyed. Did she suspect that the two men asking her to accompany them were from the intelligence department ? One can always differentiate between army jawans—even if they are not in uniform—and the rest. That could have provoked her friend to eliminate them. It could be anything. The police will have to explore every angle and not just be content with saying that the matter is being looked into. And if they are indeed nabbed they should be interrogated by a special cell and not just the local police who might be having an axe to grind in order to save them.


And by the way, Jahanara quoted Shanti Devi as saying that she paid the Dewan Saheb Rs10,000 to Rs15,000. That was in 2006—when the value of rupee had not sunk to the present level. This amount must have gone up by many times. Some of the cops may deny it and others will say that is so but the entire money is not corned by the ‘Dewan Sahib’. He has to share some with his benefactors and protectors or else he would not have got a posting there! It is said that to get a posting in Badshahi Mandi thana is like winning a lottery or getting some lakhs in ‘Kaun banega Crorepati’ – the difference being that while in the TV game show, Amitabh Bachchan hands over the cheque of the winning amount to the lucky guy and in this case it is the brothel keeper who does that—maybe she sends the amount through younger hands -- some new caged bird, so that if the  cash is not enough the Dewan Saheb may take the rest in kind!

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