Saturday, February 24, 2018
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 red light area

The prostitutes’ lane in Meerganj was once again in the news on Sunday when two ITBP Jawans were shot dead by a call girl’s lover whom she had called on phone as she did not want to  sell sexual favours to the two, who were not in uniform. Her lover came with another, shot dead the two jawans and fled on his bike with another. The call girl too has since disappeared. There were reports that this woman was involved in another murder in the city. This raises a very crucial question.

How could the call girl enjoy the facility of keeping a mobile phone when the Madams of the brothels  do not permit the girls there to communicate with anyone? And how did she manage to flee thereafter too—apparently to escape police interrogation? Or was she allowed to escape? If so, why? Under pressure from her lover? This should raise an interesting question. Has the brothel become a safe jaunt for spies, sleeping modules or even terrorists who might be taking shelter there after being sent to the brothel by the paramour living elsewhere in the city? The suspicion arises because (1) trapped girls are not allowed to keep phones and (2) if they try to escape they are brutally assaulted. Nothing happened to this slut. Surprisingly enough, she rang up her lover and he instantly came when the two men were trying to hobnob with another call girl.

Interestingly enough, when an inspector was told that the police do not touch these prostitutes because they give them protection money, he completely denied it. Would anyone believe that? If they are not taking any money from them, why don’t they throw them out for indulging in an illegal trade? But to nail the lie of the inspector, I take you back to February 2006 when Jahanara,  a girl from Kolkota, who was deceived by her boy-friend and sold to a brothel in  Meerganj,   jumped out of the window on learning that the Madam of the Brothel, Shanti Devi (What a name !), was sending a customer to her room  from whom she had already taken Rs500 as ‘entertainment fee’. The entire  ‘Kotha’ clan of operators wanted the injured girl out of the city. And when she was rushed to hospital, these people approached her there too and threatened her against opening her lips

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